Rolling oils

(Boiling range 200–290 °C)

Rolling oils are de-aromatized and produced in standard quality. They are characterised by their closely fractioned boiling range and by precise boiling limits, which ensure low evaporation loss and excellent annealing behaviour. They have high solvating power for additives and auxiliaries, high oxidation stability, excellent flushing and cooling properties and viscosity levels as required for the relevant application.

By using selected raw materials from the BP group‘s own refinery system, we can guarantee that the composition has a high level of consistency and that the performance characteristics are constant.

Primary applications/processes:

  • Cold rolling of aluminium foil
  • Cold rolling of thin band aluminium
  • Spark erosion oils for fine to medium machining operations

Product attributes

Product Density at 15 ºC [g/cm³] Boiling range [ºC] Aromatics [mass%] Flash point [ºC] Viscosity at 20 ºC [mm²/s]
Verusol 220/235 EA 0.800-0.820 218-240 ≤ 0.100 ≥ 90 -
Verusol 240/270 EA 0.810-0.830 240-270 ≤ 0.100 ≥ 102 3.70-4.20
Verusol 250/290 EA 0.815-0.835 255-295 ≤ 0.500 ≥ 110 5.00-7.00